Join Us. You can be Leaner & Healthier with Lots of Energy at Any Age!

A little of SOMETHING, consistently,
is better than a lot of NOTHING, constantly©

Print your Monthly Activity Calendar.
Stick it on your fridge or desk.
It's amazing - just a little bit of fun daily activity adds up to great results!

We were dancing away the inches back in 1922!

     I've never met anyone who absolutely did not want to be physically active.  No one choses to become a couch potato.  It kind of sneaks up on you.  
     I do meet lots of people who tell me they don't like physical activity anymore.  Most of the time, it is due to a simple fact.  Physical activity has become uncomfortable.  Tough to do.  No longer enjoyable.  
     But given the choice, wouldn't you really like to be able to get up and do fun activities?  Wouldn't it be great if your body felt strong, lean...ABLE?  

ABLE TO ENJOY a vacation at the beach, feel the warm sun on your bare skin, run into the water and splash around like a kid? 

"...evidence shows the only way to maintain weight loss is to be engaged in regular physical activity."  
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Physical Activity for a Healthy Weight"

ABLE TO DO the Chicken Dance at the next family wedding and really get those wings flapping?

"Regular physical activity can help people lose excess fat to stay at a reasonable weight."  
The American Heart Association, "Physical Activity-American Heart Association Scientific Position"

ABLE TO GO OUT after dinner, take a walk around the block and talk with your neighbors, rather than just sitting on the couch listening to TV commentators telling you what to think about everyone and everything?  

 "Sustained physical activity is an important part of your weight management program." 
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute - Obesity Education Initiative, "Guide to Physical Activity" 

     I've found that many people who lose Excess Body Fat, and most importantly, succeed in keeping it off long term, discovered a secret.  No, it's not some unregulated, potentially dangerous, ineffective diet pill.  It's not the latest Miraculous Rutabaga Soup Diet!!!  (Their exclamation points.  Absolutely not mine.)   The secret they share is a re-discovery that Physical Activity, getting up and about, walking, biking, volleyballing, (is that a word?) and swimming, actually makes their bodies feel good.  
     Whenever I help someone add Physical Activity to their lives, and I ask how they feel, I always hear "I feel good.  No aches or pains. But, isn't exercise supposed to hurt to be effective?"
     As Charlie Brown from Peanuts© would say  after a run in with Lucy, "ARRRRGHHHH!"
     My friend please, listen carefully.  This is very important.  Physical Activity doesn't have to hurt to be effective.  You must start out slow.  Protect your back and joints.  Give your lungs, muscles, circulatory system a chance to get used to the new you.
     See your doctor.  Get the OK.  Try just a little at first.  But, please, get moving today!!!  (My exclamation points.)