Join Us. You can be Leaner & Healthier with Lots of Energy at Any Age!

  We all know you will lose Excess Body Fat, and firm and strengthen your body, with consistent Physical Activity.  There are many ways to accomplish these goals.
  Jump out of your warm, comfy bed on a frigid morning.  Drive through frozen streets to the health club.  I know, it can be tough.  For years, I met my personal training clients at the health club for their 6 A.M. workouts.  On the road before the snow plows.
  But it's definitely worth it.  I believe you should visit your local "Y" or health club. A good health club should have a "get acquanted" package available.  A good health club should provide regular opportunities for instruction, and well-maintained, well-sanitized equipment.  So when you have the time and want the extra motivation and fun that a good cardio class with friends at the health club can provide, go for it.  For those other times, we'll look at places, people, and programs that can help keep you going on those days you can't get in to the health club.
    Like many of us, you may find you can ease out of your warm bed, say a prayer, grab some coffee or tea, and maybe a spoonful of peanut butter, and put in ten or twenty minutes treadmilling and strength training at home.  Or pull on comfortable clothes and a good pair of athletic shoes and go for a nice walk/bike ride.  That's what I do.  Except for those days I'm out of town, I haven't worked out in a health club in years.  Even when I was a health club trainer, I found it easier on my schedule to exercise at home.  I still do. 
     We'll look at comfortable and great looking shoes and activewear clothing (no, the clothes are not active all by themselves) as well as trying out fitness equipment, so keep an eye on this page for updates.

I live in a semi-rural area with two lane roads and lots of curves and blind spots. It's a habit to watch carefully for deer, racoon, possum and squirrels strolling across the road.  These critters react to a big mass of noisy steel approaching by scampering off the road.  But you still really have to watch out for them. 
Other critters, however, our bicycling neighbors, don't scamper off the road when a vehicle approaches.  They have a right to share the road with cars and SUV's.  But when you come over a rise in the road or take a curve, a biker wearing black or gray blends into the scenery. 
So if you are out and about, biking, jogging or walking along the road, please don't assume a driver can see you.  They often cannot.  Don't wear those fashionable colors like black or gray when on the road.  Wear something bright, safety yellow or green.  I am a firm believer that road bikers, from racers to Mom and Dad out for a healthy ride, should have Headlights and Taillights on their bikes.  Definitely.  We all have to be seen to be safe!  Bikers, check out the Best Bike Lights article at  Runners, can answer questions as well.  Be Safe, Have Fun!

Bike Ride.  Beautiful deer.