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     At no other time in history has such a huge percentage of the population whizzed past calendar ages 40 and 50.  And I'd bet that no matter how wild the line dancing got at your last birthday party, how late you stayed up, or how many raspberry vodka shots you toasted (even though your husband ran out of vodka halfway thru the party), chances are you still could not believe you were 50+.
     Hi, my name is Kevin, and I've talked with a lot of people over the last couple of decades who are just as shocked about their birthdays.  A lot of us feel like we're perpetually hovering around the 25 or 35 year old mark. The surprise comes when your birthday cards say "Happy 40!" or "50!" or "60!".  Shouldn't those cards come in a plain, brown wrapper?  
     I know the feeling. I was just getting used to 50 when 60 rushed by.  But even though your birthday cake has more candles than you would like, I'd bet you're like the rest of us and still think of yourself as much the same now as always. Fun loving, caring. Lots of interesting things to experience.  And a lot of life to look forward to.
     Well, I believe how your body looks and feels should reflect what is in your mind, your heart.  You are the only one who will decide what shape or size is right for you.  Not those sad faced "fashion" models and certainly not any reality TV wack-a-doodles. 
. was born out of a dream. A lifelong wish.  Both yours and mine.  To transform your body to match your mindset.  No matter what year is currently on your "Fabulous Felines" desk calendar. is written for adults.  After decades of raising kids, and raising a ruckus of our own from music to politics, we lost touch with our bodies.  One day we realized our bodies were not in the same hip-hugger-bell-bottom jeans and tube top condition they once were.
     So you tried exercise programs, maybe pulled on workout tights, cranked up the disco music, and got nothing but a little rash.  You may have tried the diet miracle du jour, and popped over-the-counter diet pills.  Result?  Maybe some diarrhea.  But certainly no long term loss of Excess Body Fat.  Don't worry, it's not your fault.  Hours of "hop-till-you-drop" aerobics, treadmilling your way to nowhere and endless "smoothie" diets are just not effective in trimming Excess Body Fat for people in our magnificent stage of life.  They are effective in making you dislike exercise, trimming your wallet, and worse, making you feel that losing Excess Body Fat will never happen. 
     Well I can assure you, losing Excess Body Fat and firming your body is definitely doable.  But you have to keep in mind that we are different.  You are special.  You have lived a lot of life and are ready for more. Much more. 
     Here is an important point.  Our bodies do not respond to starvation diets designed to help 21 year olds fit into string bikinis for spring break. We don't even want to wear string bikinis. We're much smarter than that. We want to be able to sit down on a hot day without burning our rear ends.  
      We also want to be trim, firm, and healthy with lots of energy again.  We want to enjoy nice meals with real food.  Maybe even pull on one of those old pair of jeans.  Now and for every birthday toast.
     So let's look at your body a little differently.  Let's recognize we're talking about a body that has spent 20 to 40 years working at a desk, caring for patients and parents, or raising kids.  That all leaves you with just enough energy at the end of the day to collapse on the couch.  Your body needs a different approach.  We know by now that hours on a treadmill to lose a few calories is just not going to happen.
     Don't worry.  I'll never ask you to do that.  I don't do it.  Why should you? 
     I'll share with you the joys, heart breaks, and ultimate successes of some of the wonderful people I have met while working as a personal trainer, health & fitness newsletter editor and local cable TV host, and hospital lab tech over the past 45+ years.  Browse around  If you have a few minutes, click on the 
Lift Away Fat at 50+ Podcast links.  With you and I working together, you'll enjoy the stronger, leaner and healthier body you've missed for far too long. 

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living in a 50, 60+ year old body?
Let's help your body match your mindset.
Join us.
Lift up your spirits,
Lift away Excess Body Fat,
Lift yourself off the couch.

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     The Christmas season is a wonderful time of year, but you may be thinking about what is hiding behind that last crumpled piece of gift wrapping. New Years' Resolutions!  Already? 
     That's how it is.  In one day, just because there is an 01/01/ showing on the calendar, we expect ourselves to completely change the way we eat.  It's like runners at the starting line.  Ready, Set, Go!  You go from standing still to running like mad. 
     It seems like every New Years, you tell yourself "This is the year!"  Your inner true self tries to help "Go for it sweetie!", but under her breath thinks "Here we go again."
     Runners, however, have an advantage while standing on their starting line.  They have been practicing for months, years.  Well, let me tell you a secret.  There is a simple way to make your New Years' Resolution actually get you to your finish line, to your goal.  Practice.  Practice before you are at that January 1, 2024 starting line.  I know you very much want to feel healthier, more energetic, and lose Excess Body Fat in 2024. So let's help you have the best chance to actually make the changes you want in your life.  Not a couple of pounds of "scale weight" that you know will only come right back on, but big, long lasting changes that will stay with you.
     So we want to get  Here we go. The last month of 2023, December, is your practice month.  Please, cut the moaning.  I know what happens in December.  You have to face:
Thanksgiving - Mom's recipe for incredible stuffing, Auntie's amazing pumpkin pie. Egg Nog with a little Bailey's™ Irish Cream.  Delicious.  But it's over. 
     Notice you didn't burn it all off like magic during your Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza!! You didn't jog around, you spent most of the day standing in lines.  Long lines.
Goodies that appear out of nowhere - Boxes of colorful Christmas cookies.  Chocolate candy.  Garbage can size tins of caramel popcorn. From vendors and salespeople at work, parents at school. We love to see them, but they seem to congregate on your desk or by the coffee machine. 
     It's easy to fall victim to "It's only one, and they're small" thinking.  For many of us, after the first one comes the second, a third, and you are too stuffed to eat lunch. So you skip lunch thinking you'll save the calories.  Around 3 PM, you are hungry, so you dig into the popcorn.
Christmas parties - Buffets calling to you for multiple visits.  Someone brings Egg Nog with rum.  Office get-togethers with vodka watermelon shots, vodka marshmallow shots, hey, Smirnoff™ even has Iced Cake Vodka!  Life is good!  After all that, you just stand at the buffet, eating out of the serving dishes.
     You get the picture.  By January 1st, you have actually spent the past five weeks training to be a semi-professional eater, and drank high calorie toasts to everyone you know.  And some you don't.
     That's a big reason why New Years' Resolutions don't work. It has little to do with will power, and lots to do with habit.
     So this year, you are going to give yourself a better chance.  A big chance to actually succeed.  To go into 2017 with a good feeling that This Is The Year!
The 2 biggest tips for New Years Resolution Success!
     The people I have trained over the years who have successfully lost Excess Body Fat and kept it off, all shared two common habits.
     #1.  Sucessful people don't skip meals.  All this month, make sure you have a good breakfast.  A couple of egg whites with a small bowl of oatmeal.  Then, have a good lunch.  A nice piece of chicken or fish, not breaded.  Three or four slices of turkey breast, low sodium, wrapped in lettuce leaves, maybe a dab of mustard. A tasty apple between lunch and dinner.  Bring a glass food storage container with a mix of your favorite vegetables for those hungry moments.  You'll be surprised how good you feel.   Keeping a ready supply of good food available will give you lots of energy, and is amazingly helpful in passing by the cookies.
     #2.  Successful people make it a point to include a little Physical Activity to every day. No, I'm not saying run a marathon. Just ten minutes of biking, treadmilling, dancing, hey, grab an exercise video.  Ten in the morning and ten before dinner would be very helpful.  I know you're busy, but you'll be so glad you got into the habit.
     If you are about to skip a meal, or skip your Physical Activity for the day, think about waking up on January 1st, 2024.  Before you open your eyes, you say your prayers, include a prayer that 2024 brings true Peace and Understanding throughout the world. We really need all Prayers for Peace now!  You get up, not feeling tooo bad.  Great New Years party!  Pull on your jeans, and hey.  They are a little loose!  Before Thanksgiving they were a little tight.
     What a great start to your successful New Year!  

     It's Sunday afternoon, a beautiful day in early fall.  Outside, the air is incredibly crisp and clear.  The leaves have begun to burst into spectacular combinations of yellows, oranges, and golds.
     Inside, your grandkids are watching Frozen.  It's on so often, you know the words to all the songs. Your husband has burrowed into the couch where he will stay, watching football until February.  You love him, so you vacuum him off once a week.
     It's a perfect time to tell them all to take a hike!
     A fall family hike, that is.  A great way to get everybody out of the house to enjoy the splendors of fall together.  Best of all, hiking can improve your cardiovascular health, and build lean, strong, calorie burning muscle as well.
     In order to lure your indoor dwellers outside, pick a hiking spot with an interesting feature, such as a lake, river, or historical feature.  Look up special fall events such as Harvest Fest.  They make nice post-hike activities.  Steer clear of events such as "Bubba's Beer Chugging Fest".  They make for terrible post-hike headaches.
     Some of the most memorable hikes include the element of surprise. On one occasion, while hiking alongside a meandering river just past a small town, we came through a grove of trees and discovered a folk music festival just getting started.  The gentle, clear sounds of banjo and guitar drifting through the trees made for a magical hike. 
     To keep everyone happily hiking along, grab some icey cold water bottles and remember these three tips:
    First, watch your distance. A beginner may feel good hiking for 20 minutes, but forget they have to hike back to the car.  Judge distance by everyones fitness level.
     Second, watch your pace. Gear your pace to your slowest member. Start off easy for at least ten minutes to help tight muscles warm up.  If your family group is full of energy, play a hiking game such as Caboose chases Engine. To get started, hike single file, with the person in front designated as the Engine.  The last person in line is the Caboose. The Caboose trots quickly to get in front of the line and become the new Engine.  Repeat.  Caboose chases Engine works well with four or more hikers.  The three get a little rest while the Caboose catches up.  If it's just you and your husband, take it a little easy.  We want your hike fun and doable, not drive him back to the couch.
     You and I call it Caboose chases Engine.  Exercise Physiologists call it Interval Training.  Short, more intense activity followed by a slower pace.  Repeat.  A great way to challenge your heart, lungs,and leg muscles without going all out.
     Third, it's all about enjoying activity together. Don't push the pace.  You are not a wild-eyed trainer on one of those TV weight loss game shows.  You are a fitness enabler, making physical activity enjoyable and doable.  That way, you'll all want to do it again.
  And that, my friend, is the secret to long term loss of Excess Body Fat.

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February is American Heart Month
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Discover symptoms from the American Heart Association©:
Read about initiatives to help women become heart healthy:
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has information on how to get involved:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers very helpful resources:

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Hi, It’s May, 2020.  Outside is our bountiful country, our beautiful America, waking up from it’s winter slumber.

Our abundant forests begin to show shimmers of green leaves.  Our verdant land glories in more green, waves of green, washing over our national parks and farmers’ fields.  The air is alive with the wonderous songs of robins, blue jays, finches and cardinals.


We Midwesterners wait for the sun to warm the rich earth enough for the flowers to come.  Slowly at first a few early bloomers, Phlox and Bloodroot, anxious to get things going.  Soon, a walk outside is like a stroll through the Art Institute of Chicago, as if we were able to watch Claude Monet and Norman Lewis in the midst of laying down their gorgeous yellows, reds, and blues.  Only our reds burst from Crimson Bee Balm, our yellows from roadside Black-eyed Susans.  And here, a patch of Blue Lobelia.


As the sun rises across our home, our America, we, too, are waking up.  Morning prayers for peace and guidance strengthen our hearts, our souls.  Coffee brews.  A few sets of strength building exercises, Squats, Wall Push-ups, Chest Hugs, pump life-giving blood throughout our bodies.  Wow, I feel great!  Breakfast.  Kisses for family.  Off to our work.   A job or a to-do list, getting things done.


This springtime, though, is different.  We face an issue, a problem, a pandemic.  In a country that’s faced so many grave issues in the past, wars, devastating floods, droughts, economic upheavals, deadly tornadoes, …divisive politics.  We’ve always triumphed.  This horrible pandemic has turned our comfortable world upside down.  We’re in the fight now.  And we will prevail.


What we always have is hope.  

Hope for our future and the belief that our America will find a way to right any wrong.  

America was to be a shining star, a City on a Hill, to paraphrase Matthew Chapter 5, and our President Reagan.  Conceived as home to freedom, faith, and family, and dedicated to helping others in need, both at home and abroad. 


From my viewpoint, that hasn’t changed.


But TV and the internet has been bringing us a lot of negativity. 

Pointing fingers instead of working together.


But, from my little corner of our country, I see things differently.


Where the TV talking heads fill the airwaves with doom and gloom, I see our medical pros, police, fire, and EMT’S, retail, food, and service workers, farmers, truckers, doing whats needed to keeping our country running. 


Where politicians have failed to protect our vulnerable senior citizens, I see people offering to get groceries for elderly neighbors to help them stay safe inside their homes.


Where some try to take advantage of our virus fears, those I call the No-Science crowd because they push unproven and potentially dangerous “sure cures” and silly “immune system builders” on TV infomercials and U-tube, I see you smart people doing the sensible, the proven stuff that actually works.  Sheltering in place, wearing face masks, and washing hands. Keeping healthy with fresh veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs.  Walking when we can, and when we can’t, let’s pop in that Denise Austin, Kathy Smith or Richard Simmons video from the 1980’s.  Come on, I’m sure they’re in the back of your TV cabinet!  If not, check them out on utube.


So tease your hair, pull on your leg warmers and get going!  Hey Joe, I didn’t mean you! We’ve got “Shape Up with Ahnold” for you!



Our resilience, pulling together, “us” rather than “them”.  That’s what will get us thru this.  Actually listening to our fellow citizens, Trying to understand other viewpoints.


As Sister Mary used to say,

- Look for the good in a person.  God made them, so good must be in there!  Sometimes, though, you may have to dig deep to find it!

- If you did something you know is wrong, think how to make it right.

- And always remember, God loves you, and so do I!

Wonderful thoughts that warmed the heart of a timid grade schooler…and still does the same for an old guy as well.


Well my friends, Stay safe.  Stay Healthy.  And crank up your Physical Activity!  We’ll solve this problem.  We always do!


Your Great Life Now Blog

Fall is a GoodTime
to Update Your
Activity Calendar


Springtime, glorious springtime, with green popping up everywhere you look, is here! Hello outdoors! It's a great time to update your Activity Calendar. We've just posted some fun, and very rewarding, Walk/Run Events.  Simply click on the Activity Log tab.  Locations are all around these wonderful United States of ours.  Visit the websites of the wonderful organizations orgganizing the events, enter your zip code, and they will show you the events closest to your home.

Take a look! You don't have to be a runner. Even those of us who like a nice walk will have a great time. The March of Dimes Activities always have lots of kids and parents pushing lots of strollers.  All of these worthwhile events are packed with friendly people.  You will be helping out some of us who need a helping hand. Maybe we'll see you there!


7 Tips to Help  P-R-E-V-E-N-T  Heart Disease

for American Heart Month


P ush up off the couch.  We were not designed to sit.  Archaeological digs never turn up a Neanderthal La-Z-Boy® recliner.  Early ancestors hunted and gathered plants, seeds and nuts to eat.  Then some Stone Age group started farming.  Farming was all hard work done primarily by hand.  Cutting forests, moving rocks, and scratching furrows in the hard ground to plant seeds.  Later on in our history, manufacturing goods began.  But factory and even household chores all involved backbreakingly hard physical work.

When we were kids, we walked 5 miles to school, all uphill, mowed the lawn, raked the leaves, and ran around outside until the sun went down.  This continued until the first Pizza Hut® opened and modern civilization began. 


Nowadays, it seems you’re either sitting at a desk or behind the wheel of a car, truck or bus for work.  Commuting is more sitting, unless you are running late and find yourself straphanging on the way.  Get home to TV, Facebook, computer games.  Dial the phone to get that pizza delivered (always a coupon around), house cleaned, lawn mowed.   If you are retired, chances are you know more about what Ellen DeGeneres is up to than your teenaged grandkids.  You are definitely not getting enough physical activity if you watch the poker players on TV, and think “Wow, that guy tossed a chip!  Hope he doesn’t get worn out.”


The good news is, maintaining your healthy heart, and a firmer, leaner body is a result of physical activity, fun stuff.  Chasing kids, joining friends for a charity run/walk, walking along the beach, dancing with your love, are all about experiencing the great feelings of being physically active.  20 to 30 minutes of physical activity, something every day is doable. 

R esilience to stress can be your choice.   


The weather is still a little chilly in the glorious Midwest.  But, it's the end of March already.  That means that any day now, Winter is going to finally give up.
Yep, Winter is leaving us for good.  It's exhausted.  Winter has tried it's best.  Unleashed it's fury.  Tried your patience with lots of snow and ice.  Chilled your cheeks with day after day of below zero temps.
And you beat Winter.  Commute was a little longer than usual?  Ha!  No big deal!  You just made sure there was a double-frothy-machi-minti-coffee in your cars' cupholder, and a smooth jazz station on the radio.  Snow got a little deep on the walk to the train?  A perfect reason to get that new pair of snowboots with the cozy fleece linings.  Or the Under Armor® Tactical Boots that made the neighbors know you mean business when out shoveling snow.  
You're still here.  Winter is gone.
With the warmer weather, a big reason many of us have not been very physically active goes away.  Too cold out.  So be a brave soul.  Pull on a couple of sweatshirts.  If you get too warm, take one off, tie it around your waist.  You'll look like Batman after a long night out with his buddies with his cape slipped down too low.  Lace up your sneakers.  Cellphone in pocket.  Ready?  Open the door.  Go outside.  No, don't get in the car.  Let your car rest.  Take a walk.  A nice walk.  Remember walking?  It's been a while.  Just one foot in front of the other. Squeeze your butt to remind your hips and rear end to help out! They were designed to do more than just serve as built in seat cushons.
Not too far.  Not too fast.  Just a start.
Let your muscles and joints get used to real walking.  Real walking is what you do when you have to get somewhere.  Not that slow mall shopping stroll that everyone thinks about when they tell me "But Kev, I do walk a lot!"  It doesn't matter if you dash for a sale rack every so often. 
Let's walk today. This is opening day.  Opening day for you to get fitter, trimmer,and stronger.  This year! 


When I asked my women friends what they think is the #1 cause of death for women, most answered "cancer".  While cancer is surely a devasting disease that we must do our best to eliminate, the primary cause of death in women is actually heart disease. Many of us think of it as a men's thing. Women, however, suffer tremendously from heart disease.   
The wonderful folks at Go Red™ for Women and the American Heart Association are dedicated to helping people be aware of the causes of heart disease.  Their programs emphasize what you can do to improve your heart health.  You can also bring awareness of heart disease to your friends and co-workers by wearing red on 02/02.  But first, you should definitely visit and to find out how heart disease can affect you and your loved ones. Most importantly, you can learn the warning signs for a heart attack.  Both organizations have a lot of information on ways to help prevent heart disease. 
The good news is you can do a lot to prevent heart disease.  February is American Heart Month. 
Read our 7 Tips to  P-R-E-V-E-N-T  Heart Disease for a healthier heart.
Remember, it just takes one in your circle of family and friends to start to make a difference. 
And that one person is you.  


October 11th is World Obesity Day.  It is intended to bring to mind the serious health consequences of obesity.  That’s what really matters.  World Obesity Day is definitely not about the sensationalist TV shows screaming “Exposed!  Hollywood Stars in Muffin Top Pants!”  Who really cares? 


We do very much care about the health consequences of obesity.  It’s important to note that obesity and the concept of “overweight”, are related to Excess Body Fat, rather than losing “scale weight”.  It’s the Excess Body Fat that can be unhealthy, rather than just losing the water “weight”, and unfortunately lean muscle, associated with quick “weight” loss shakes, pills and diets.

I have always believed that awareness of a potential problem gives you a big chance of avoiding that problem.  So on World Obesity Day, and from now on, it’s very beneficial to be aware that doctors, researchers, health organizations around the world, and me, would like you to be very aware that:


-Heart attack risks increase if overweight

-Type 2 Diabetes risks increase if overweight

-High blood pressure risks increase if overweight

-Uterine cancer risks increase if overweight

-Pancreatic cancer risks increase if overweight

-Kidney cancer risks increase if overweight

-Colorectal cancer risks increase if overweight

-Breast cancer (and notably after menopause) risks increase if overweight.  Hey Boomers, read that again.


These are your reasons to lose Excess Body Fat.  You tried to lose “weight” in the past.  It seems like forever. But your reasons to lose “weight” may not have been enough. Squeezing into skinny jeans just isn’t enough reason to counter Bottomless Pasta Wednesday at your local restaurant. is here to remind you of a very cool fact.  The same actions that reduce your risks of debilitating and potentially deadly diseases are the same that can rid your body of Excess Body Fat.  You may not be interested in skinny jeans, but it will feel great when the next pair of jeans you buy are two sizes smaller.  So I want you to promise to:


-Eat vegetables

-Enjoy Physical Activity every day

-Skip “fried” anything

-Enjoy Physical Activity every day

-Avoid added sugars

-Enjoy Physical Activity every day

-Eat lean


If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t say anything.  But I do.  And so do your loved ones.


At Our Time of Life, Let's Do What We Enjoy!
You may have tried a health club at some time, apprehensive but hopeful.  That was Linda when I met her. I noticed she came in with her water bottle and towel, and head right to the stair climbing machine. Linda on the stair climber was like a kid trudging down the hall when called to the principal's office.  Very reluctant to be there.  Linda spent an hour suffering on the climber, then disappeared for a week.  Or two.  One day, I asked her why she did the stair climber for so long.  She said she saw on TV that you had to do a lot of exercise to lose 'scale weight'.  With her 55th Birthday coming up, Linda wanted to trim down and get her energy back.
"It's hard to find all that time." she confided. "I really just have enough time to pop in."   


Some years ago, I had trained with Marsha for a couple of weeks before I realized she lived a secret life.  No, she didn't slink away at night in a trench coat, Fedora pulled low over her eyes, to fight the forces of evil.  Marsha did, however, hide a painful part of her life.
     At work, Marsha was the picture of efficiency.  She smiled and joked with everyone and was often asked by co-workers and bosses to handle certain sticky customer relations issues that would drive anyone up a wall.  With humor and politeness, she usually succeeded in soothing the situation. 
     No one knew, however, that inside, Marsha was suffering.  Her immediate boss second guessed everything she did, and was known to fly off the handle when anyone questioned him.  Marsha had years of experience in her department, but management did not respect her thoughts or ideas.
     Frustrated, Marsha would go to lunch and try to bury her pain.  Bottomless baskets of breadsticks and heaps of french fries were her pain killers.   Salty, garlicy carbs, however, did little to soothe her.  Back from lunch, Martha sat down at her desk, and unbuttoned the top of her slacks.  She felt helpless that she was stuck in a job that stressed her out and was making her feel fat.  As we talked, we decided to see if we could substitute something other than food as a stress reliever. 
     I wasn't surprised to hear that Marsha often felt stuffed.  When you are hurting and eating makes you feel better, you are going to do it as much as you can.  We talked about how badly she felt when she got back from lunch.  Since that happened five days a week, we both knew that wasn't a good thing!  I suggested Marsha replace the negative action, getting stuffed at lunch, with a positive action.  We would use lunchtime as a stress reliever.  So for just three days a week, we were going to take a short walk.  Fifteen minutes.  No running, no jogging, just an easy walk.  There are many, many studies that conclude that walking reduces stress.  And no, these studies weren't funded by the National Concrete Association, who want everyone to walk more and wear out sidewalks faster so they have more business.  After her easy walk, Martha would have a nice lunch.  Something that didn't leave her feeling stuffed. The other two days a week, she would go to lunch as usual. 
Pretty soon, Martha began looking forward to her walks.  The time spent walking seemed to clear her mind, and gave her something to look forward to that made her feel good.  She realized that she did enjoy eating, but it got to be too much for her and she felt terrible after.  Walking really made her feel great all the time. 
     Martha now went to lunch to relax and have a nice, lean chicken dish or a salad with no fat dressing.  She still met up with a breadstick every so often, but she didn't rely on them as a stress reliever.  Coming back from lunch, she felt good, more in control of her life.  Marsha sat down and noticed how loose her slacks were.
     The long trench coat was donated to her church clothing drive, and replaced with a new short jacket that showed off her trimmer legs.  I don't remember if she kept the Fedora.




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